Tulsi Gabbard’s foreign policy is a breath of fresh air

Many Americans — for (sometimes) perfectly understandable reasons — do not pay much attention to how much the U.S. affects entire countries, governments, and economies. Tulsi Gabbard is changing that.

I said in a previous piece that I thought that the Republican party would turn in a more libertarian direction after Obama was re-elected. I never thought for the life of me that Ted Cruz would be a subject of conversation in the year 2019. One of the reasons was not only because I thought that, social liberalism had taken over and that old evangelicals were dying, but also because I thought that the disaster of the Iraq War would show people the true horror of the military industrial complex. It’s a true shame that there aren’t as many Rand Paul’s in the Senate.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who has also supported legislation with Rand Paul, started strong by putting her foreign policy focus first in response to a question about equal pay for women. She dodged the question (rightfully) in favor of substance about the over spending on endless militarism and what we could be doing with our money that we spend overseas. Tulsi’s background as a major in the army with two tours in Iraq brings helpful perspective and experience to this issue. She has been more vocal about the U.S. war *genocide* in Yemen than other of her fellow Congresspeople.

On Iran Tulsi is the most perspicacious on this issue, warning about the quagmire that could emanate from a war with a country more powerful and populated than Iraq. In typical Gabbard faction, she comes back to putting the American people first, which includes those in the Armed Forces in which she served.

When she finally got the chance to speak again, she talked about Afghanistan and how fruitless the 18-year old war has become. The best part was Tulsi Gabbard correcting Congressman Tim Ryan’s claim that the Taliban attacked the U.S. on 9/11 and closed it with saying that Saudi Arabia has been protecting Al-Qaeda in Yemen, which it is.

I wish they let her talk more, but this will have to do.

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